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building and maintaining wind farms
Building and Maintaining Wind Farms

As principle and Managing Director of WindSmith Energy Services LTD, I am happy that my resume of over 20 years experience has helped me garner a significant understanding of the wind energy industry. This has allowed me to better understand customer needs and to advise on a host of wind development issues AND NEEDS. In various geographic environments and market locations, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people in different capacities whether with customers or service providers in EPC, BOP crane, installation, project management, planning and administration. All have resulted in a very important lesson AND OBSERVATION.

BUILDING EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS AND PARTNERSHIPS NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE are as important if not more than simply having a business. It is the basis of our philosophy; and is the foundation by which we plan and deliver successful projects. Most notably however, is the commitment of my company to continue working at promoting and delivering wind energy solutions as an important contribution to the sustainability of our planet.

Over the next year we will be setting our goals working collaboratively with our partners and focusing our efforts in various markets in Canada, the US, and Australia.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with divergent groups within the industry. Together I expect to offer a full turnkey support service for clients requiring a high level of professional proficiency; and as well, to support projects whose needs require project management, planning, coordination and administration, to Installation and erection to name a few.

The Windsmith brand name stands for integrity, dependability and trust. It is also a moniker that will characterize our team partners.

I invite you to take some time to visit our site and to contact us for further information on how we might help in enabling your wind development plans.

Guy Mckenzie-Smith
Managing Director
Windsmith Energy Services LTD

featured wind power projects
Featured Wind Power Generation Projects

Canada Wind Farm Project

2012-Weather Dancer, Pincer Creek Alberta, Canada Repair and Service NEG Micon 52 900 kW.
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United States Wind Farm Project

2009 - Highland Hill Pennsylvania USA. Install and service of 25 wind turbines- 62.5MW total electricity generation capacity.
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